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June races

To start the month Geraldine Suckling ran in the very scenic and multi-terrain Boxted 10k. It is also described as ‘a delightful undulating landscape’!  A lovely race to enjoy the views. Geraldine also run the 2K with her son Sean on a flatter course.

The 15th June say Geraldine, Rachel Bodsworth, Kitty Rigby, Kay Oxford taking part in the Stour Valley Marathon and Joel Bamsey the Half Marathon. This is by no means an easy run as it covers 27 miles of tracks, roads and byways using a combination of the St Edmunds Way, Stour Valley Path and Essex Way. This is Geraldine’s write up of the day:

I had just finished Edinburgh and was talking to Kitty about doing the Stour Valley Marathon as I heard it was a beautiful trail marathon that some of the course was on the SVP 50k so I was interested in trying it. I felt I’d recovered from Edinburgh and took on the challenge and it was a challenge!

We arrived early to register with Rachel and kitty and met Joel who took part in the Half Marathon. It was a beautiful chilly morning but we were warned about the forecast of heavy rain showers.  Registering was easy as now the race is being run by the Hare and Tortoise group and it’s very well organised. We set off at a prompt start of 9:00. The trail is very tough, very undulating terrain which was a test for me. I was tired probably from Edinburgh, but Rachel and kitty were the best company and kept me going, as they are seasonal Stour marathon runners. They know the route and were able to guide me to what comes next. If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have finished. It’s tough physically and mentally. The check points were fantastic and the volunteers were amazing. We did get caught in some torrential downpours but had some cover from the Sudbury joggers check point, which was a god send. The course is really beautiful and would recommend it. We finished in 6hrs 38 minutes and we covered a little over 28 miles. The finish was perfect. The volunteers had lovely food goodies bags and a massive medal. Would I do it again definitely, but hopefully in better shape. 

We had our second 5k Club race with 16 members taking part. It was good to see everyone improving on their times from last month. Well done to Tom Cowley, one of our newer members, who ran an amazing 19:45!

Sam and Vicky Tapp had some fun at the Capel Colour Run on 23rd June. A course of laps around Capel playing field with runners doing as many laps as they want and getting colour powder paint thrown at them along the way. The end result, a very colourful T-shirt!

To finish the month was the Kesgrave 10k, a fast and flat course. With Claire Jacobs, Kevin Carpenter, Vicky Tapp, Sam Tapp and Jo Sargent all representing the club. Claire not only won the ladies race and finished 8th overall, but she also smashed the course record taking off a huge 4 mins and 30 sec of the previous mark! Kevin was first in his age group and the ladies team finished an amazing 2nd. What a wonderful way to finish off the month and a huge well done, as always, to all our amazing runners.


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