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Membership Benefits


Cheaper Race Entry Fees

Being a member of a running club usually means you pay £2 per race less than runners who are unattached.

Club Kit

We sell a range of club kit which features the club name and logo which can be from our website.It is important to note that in many races it is necessary to run in Club Kit.


10% discount and free standard delivery on all orders over £50 at

10% off across the whole range of Notch products​

A discount for any ATW Tri, Running or Dog races.

These are redeemed via a unique discount code found on the Club App. The only requirement we have for these discounts is that the code must be kept offline, off social media or any public websites and is only for Club members.


Fellow runner Claire and her team at FitFRAME Physio are well equipped to offer a range of Physiotherapy and Sports massage services. Their services include running analysis, sports injury assessment and treatment, sports massage, womens health physiotherapy and runners-specific pilates classes. Please visit the website for more information.

The R & R Center is offering all Members 20% off all individual treatments. Please visit the website

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