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April Marathons

April was Marathon month with Brighton, Manchester and London being run by some of our members.

To start, Adam Chamberlin ran Brighton Marathon on 2 April. What started as a flippant comment about signing up back in 2022, suddenly became a reality. Adam hadn’t been running for very long and originally started to keep his wife company in her training for races.

Back to the Marathon and Adam had lots of questions running through his mind as he pounded the streets. Why was he here? When will the pain end? He kept his mantra in mind, “Continuous Forward Momentun” no matter what happened, he knew he had to keep going forward, one step at a time. He didn’t have a goal he had committed to, but secretly would have loved to finish in under 4 hours.

As he ran past the bleak industrial units, which within the last few miles had been replaced by Brighton sea front, came the huge crowds, who motivated him to the finish. The crowds got louder and his pace got quicker and by the time he could see the finish line, he was buzzing with energy. His final sprint, that may have looked more like a fast hobble, got him across the finish line with a time of 03:52:28!

Two weeks later, on the 16 April, four runners lined up in various starting waves to run the Manchester Marathon, two of whom were tackling this distance for the first time.

The conditions were near perfect – a light breeze, overcast skies and no rain. Katrina Rigby set off and she was followed in subsequent waves by Vicky Tapp, Samantha Tapp and Geraldine Suckling. The weather remained kind with only a light shower as the runners progressed around a mostly flat and well supported course. The crowd support was superb and all runners were grateful for the encouragement. The sugary treats being handed out around the course were well received and helped push the runners towards the finish. All of the Hares finished the course in great times, with 3 achieving marathon personal bests. It was an unforgettable day and a race we would all recommend to other runners considering racing at this distance.

And finally to TCS London Marathon on 23 April. The Club had Steve Hunt, Rachel Bodsworth, Kevin Carpenter, Aden Bell and Joel Bamsey running. For Joel it was his first time participating and Steve had won the Club ballot, having last run his last London Marathon in 2011 and this being his 12th time running!

Whilst waiting in the start pen Steve felt good and well prepared, having put in many training miles with his son Stuart. His wave started in the rain and his legs kept going at a pace that he felt would get him round in under 4 hours. 12 years since his last race the crowds were louder and bigger and kept him going as well as his family who were there to support him. The miles ticked by, steady and sometimes uncomfortable, but the training paid off and he didn’t hit the dreaded wall and finished in a time of 3 hours 55 minutes. Much to his amazement a minute quicker than in 2011!

Joel, Rachel finished in under 4 hours, Aden just under 3 hours and Kevin dead on 3 hours.

A huge well done to our runners who after all the training have run so well at their respective Marathons.


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