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How to get the Running Club app

You can either log on using the connectMyClub website or the app is available to download for android and iPhone.


If using the website, click on Register to enter your details and on the app you will need to log in.The first time using the app or website  you will need to click the ‘forgot my password’ to get a link to set up your password. Please complete your personal details, most importantly the ICE details. These details are for your safety should there be an incident.


Once on the app or website you can see the training  button. Click the button and the training sessions that are available will be shown, as shown in the example below. Once you have decided which session you'd like to join, it's simply a matter of clicking on 'I'm In' and then you've been added. A training session can be joined minutes up to when it is about to start. So, if you decide at the last minute you'd like to come along, that isn't a problem. Sessions can also be cancelled at the last minute too.

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