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Hadleigh Hares Grand Prix Series

The aim of the Grand Prix is for runners to compete in as many races listed below as possible.  You have 15 events to choose from 1 January 2023 to the Awards Night in November, where awards will be presented.


With your best 5 scoring events counting towards your final score in the series table.   There is no minimum number required to score but the more events you take part in the more potential you have to score higher.  For every race in the series each member will win points depending on their placement.  For instance the first club member in each gender will be awarded 100 points, second placement will be awarded 99 points, third placement 98 points and so on.  So you could be the only Hare in that race in your category in which case you win 100 points!

The club members with the highest score from their best 5 events will be crowned as the winner (male and female), then placings are decided by points, so if you only managed 5 events, then you still have an advantage over someone that completed 4, even if their finishing positions were higher than your own.

You will need to be a fully paid up member at the point of your first race to qualify and make sure you register as a Hadleigh Hare when you complete your race entry so you show up in the results.  If you are not registered as a Hadleigh Hare then it doesn't count.

With this  series we have chosen events that include various distance options and that are of a reasonable cost to enable all club runners to take part, whatever their current ability.


Congratulations to Crystal Murray and Stuart Price for winning the 2023 Grand Prix.

2023  results

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