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Club Age Grade Standards

Club Age Grade Standards

Hadleigh Hares have a set of age grade standards that all members can use to set their own challenge. The club standard times have been set to motivate and encourage all members and enable members to set their own goals.

How are the standard times set?

To provide consistency across the age gradings, the standards are based on published age grading tables.

For all distances, except marathon, the club standards times are copper (50%), tungsten (57%), bronze (62%), silver (67%), gold (72%), platinum (77%) and diamond (82%).

The percentage refers to the percentage age grade required for the standard. The marathon time has been adjusted to ensure consistency with members’ performance.

What distances have standard times?

There are standard times for 7 race distances in each age group. The race distances are:

·         One mile

·         5km

·         5 miles

·         10km

·         10 miles

·         Half Marathon

·         Marathon

To achieve the club standard a runner needs to achieve three of the standard times in their age band.

Which races count?

You can submit an official race time as evidence of achieving the club standard. However, to be inclusive of all runners’ efforts the club also accepts evidence from parkruns, from Garmin, Strava or equivalent.

What are the standard times?

You can look up the standard times for your age band using the links below.



What should I do if I achieve a standard time?

If a runner achieves a club standard (equaled or better) they should submit their time to Hares Club Standards  and include:

·         Your name

·         Age when time was achieved

·         Race Distance

·         Date of achievement

·         Time achieved

·         Evidence of achievement (link to Garmin, Strava or similar)

·         Club standard you are applying for (e.g. gold, silver, etc)


When you meet three standards within your age banding you will receive a club certificate recording your achievement.

What if I improve?

If the runner finds they improve greatly, they can then work towards the next standard, for this to continue being a challenge.

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