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Friday 5 Series 2022

May and June saw the return of the Friday 5 series for the first time since 2019. These are 6 x 5 mile races hosted by local running clubs on Friday nights at Kerton, Sudbury, Framlingham, Bury, Stowmarket and Great Bentley, with each race fielding between 300-425 runners. Each race saw points awarded for finishing positions, counting towards individual and team totals across all 6 events.

After some hilly and one particularly hot race, the final totals were in and saw a fantastic 3rd place overall for Aden Bell and 4th for Belinda Godbold in their respective age group catagories. Teamwise our ladies team finished 13th out of 35, the men's team 14th out of 48 and our combined team 14th out of 50. This was a great result as ours is a small running club compared to others in the area that had far more runners attending each race. The individual races also saw top 3 finishes in age group for Aden Bell & Claire Jacobs.

Each race also included 1k and 2k races for Juniors to take part in depending on age and we had great representation from Leila McNeill and Oliver Miller in the U11 age group category (2k race) and Elissia Bell and Isaac Miller in the U9 age group category (1k race). With tough competition from much larger groups then ours, all put in strong performances with both Leila and Elissia finishing 2nd in their respective age categories. A brilliant result from our younger runners.

Congratulations and well done to Gavin Alexander, Nicki Alexander, Joel Bamsey, Aden Bell, Kevin Carpenter, Belinda Godbold, Jeremy Hennell-James, Nathalie Hooper, Steve Hunt, Stuart Hunt, Claire Jacobs, Ryan McNeill, Crystal Murray, Joanne Sargent, Geraldine Suckling, Leila McNeill, Elissia Bell, Oliver Miller and Isaac Miller.

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